Welcome to my website. I am an ordained Reverend in the Uniting Church of Australia as well as being the founder of The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation.

I am a passionate supporter of the underprivileged. I am also an advocate for those who think of themselves as outsiders. Moreover, I take inspiration from making the world a kinder place.

I’m fascinated by change and how it has the power to improve lives. I’m also really interested in challenging the power structures that entrench inequality.

I write books too. My first one, “Twelve Rules for Living a Better Life” is out now, but I’m also in the process of writing a second. I’m also a radio broadcaster with a top-rating show heard in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and regional Australia.

I hope my website inspires you with kindness.

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What is the meaning of life?

Perhaps it is because I am a church minister, but people often ask me about the meaning of life. I think it might not be the right question.

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The end of the cold war promised a golden-age of peace and human rights. But the reality has been quite different. From the brutal war in Ukraine, to authoritarian governments cracking down on citizens.

I ask international jurist Michael Kirby if human rights are under threat.

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