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This morning I preached at Killara Uniting Church on the topic of Jesus’ words “Who do you say I am?” and in the context of the sermon I also about the work I do.

Afterwards, Arthur, who ran the whole service said to me: “I see how Jesus is the centre of all you do”. Maybe I’m getting clearer in the way I say things, or maybe Arthur just “got it”. But, he said it and it meant a lot to me!

In this world, and especially in the church, it is so easy to sell your very soul to fit in – to go along with the status quo. It is very hard to truly be yourself and simply say “This is who I am”.

In the churches we constantly talk about “the truth setting you free”, but we hardly ever exhibit it. Often the church seems filled with small minded frightened people who, just like the Pharisees that Jesus railed against, bind one another up with mindless rules, regulations, creeds and formulaic sayings. A lot of this looks ridiculous to outsiders, and more often than not it is!

Because I am not afraid to speak ‘outside to square’ people often ask: “Are you really a minister”? They are surprised by what I say.  Perhaps this is refreshing, perhaps it is challenging?

But to me being a minister of the word is all about attempting to walk in the footsteps of Jesus with my own human weaknesses – is the greatest gift I’ve been given.

Today someone heard that and I’ll be eternally grateful.

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