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What a great festival it has been!

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone involved with this year’s Big Picture Film Festival. I think it was a triumph in all ways and the effects of watching these films both individually and as a series has honestly changed me forever. I know it’s made me a better person because it has convinced me I am on the right path and the more I am on that right path, the more difficult it will be.

What has become indelibly impressed in my being is that the source behind and the drive that leads to the “doing” of social justice comes out of a huge lovingness that is at the heart of all that is.

In watching these films, we time and time again, find ourselves being touched by that love.  It is at once enormously attractive and scary. Over and over again we witnessed individuals standing up to and over against a system that at its core has no heart. We saw individuals with their own vulnerabilities standing up for others who without them had no chance at all. Where else would this desire to help come from but out of a push from an awareness that says in an ideal existence this would not be happening. That is a statement of love in itself.

In these films we saw ordinary people like you and me transformed into heroes. Not because they were better than anyone else but simply because they realised that without their input nobody else would do it. Surely that is at once an invitation and a challenge to do the same.  To rise above our insecurities and smallness and reach out to others.

We saw this in the Festival big time. For me it was a truly holy experience. I touched that experience over and over again and was often reduced to tears.

Throughout all history, mystics and holy people have shared this love with us. It was on display. That’s why I consider the Big Picture Film Festival to be a truly holy event. It, over and over again, reminds us there is more to us than can ever be explained.

So what can we do now? It’s a question that we’re often asked by people who attend the Festival and want to take action in their own ways, big and small, in order to make a difference.

What you can do today is visit The Big Picture Film Festival website and register your email address. This will allow us to stay in touch and recommend various social justice initiatives and events that we support and that we encourage you to get involved with, as well as keeping you informed of any events related to next year’s Festival!

That’s all for now – thanks again for supporting the second year of the Big Picture Film Festival and we look forward to building it even bigger and better for next year!

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