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I love to sit in the middle of the Loaves and Fishes Restaurant and say hello as you guys come and go.   At the moment you come in, collect the takeaway meal, maybe dessert and a cup of coffee or tea.

All I can do is wave, keep my distance as you keep yours and wait for all this to be over.

I don’t know if you know it, but you guys have been part of the core of my life for decades. I have so many memories both past and current.

You guys in coming and eating here, volunteering here or just being part of the community have given me so much.   Many of you thank me and my staff for what we’ve done for you, but I can assure you, you have given us far, far more.

I am writing this, so you know that for us even though things are changing it is business as usual.   When all this is over the Loaves and Fishes and everything we do at ASHFIELD will still be here.

Of course, some things we will be doing differently and there will be new things we will be doing there.   I am so glad so many of you had your flu shots here and allowed yourselves to be tested for coronavirus. These WILL save your life.

In the past we used to hold what we would call community meetings where I met with you and shared what was going on.  We will be doing that again but until then I’ll be putting out this newsletter so we can kind of try to keep the family together.

It’s Thursday morning and I’m sitting in the Loaves and Fishes listening to Bob Dylan. He is singing “The times they are a changing”.   My God all those old 1960s songs are as relevant today as then.

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  1. Zeynep Arslan 4 December 2020 at 12:47 - Reply

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