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So, Daniel Christie is no more. Although, it is not fair to say that as he will live forever more in the hearts of those who knew and loved him. I know that because that’s how I feel about my brother, Bob.

Our hearts go out to Daniel’s mum and dad, Michael and Maureen and their little family. I know what they are going through. It brings back to me all the stark grief and pain of my own family when Bob died.

“Hell” has no comparison!

Even in their grief the family’s innate  goodness shines through. Reading their statement born out of all their pain one can sense what good, kind, people they are.

To donate his organs so others may live is an example to us all,

I’m sure God is crying with this little family.

On the same day I read the fatuous statement from Woolworths who own Dan Murphy’s and BWS Liquor outlets. “Liquor ads protect children’

What low life jerk thought that up? Hidden in the depths of greedy corporate life who’s only interest is  in profit and bugger the effects on the community or on kids, lies a mentality that is as bad and evil as all Hell can be.

Well, it splashed out today and in those two statements we can see for ourselves all that is good and bad in our society.

May Daniel Christie rest in peace. May God Bless his wonderful little family and may Woolworths drown in their own greed!

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