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What about the terrible case of that Down Syndrome surrogate baby born for an Australian couple in Thailand. When the Australian couple found out the baby was suffering Downs, they reportedly rejected it.

It’s left the baby with an impoverished mother who can’t afford to care for it. How should we respond? It’s a big question.

The story is actually even more complicated. Gammy, the baby with Downs Syndrome, is one of twins. The other was perfectly well and the Australian couple did accept it. That baby, from all we know, is back here in Australia tonight.

It’s the lucky one – in more ways than one. It’s going to have a life of wealth and privilege compared to its’ sibling back in Thailand.

Many of us have been shocked by this story, and a collection has been taken up for little Gammy, raising over 60-thousand dollars already. Hopefully this will make life somewhat better for him.

But for me it raises some big questions about the whole surrogacy issue. I mean should Australians be allowed to go overseas like this and pay women to have babies for them? Especially when these women are often impoverished and open to exploitation.

Some have said that Gammy and his mum should be brought to Australia for care. Is that an option? Indeed, should we as a country feel any obligation at all? I’d say yes, but how about you?

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