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That ”Good Ol’ United States”  tag is really tarnished today, eh?

That, for want of a more appropriate word, ‘execution’ of  Dennis McGuire last week was disgusting, don’t you think?

Now I know he was guilty of the rape and fatal stabbing of a young pregnant woman in1989. But we don’t even put dogs down like that! It took McGuire up to 25minutes to die twitching and gasping all the way from a lethal injection that had never been tried before. It’s not the first time disgusting executions  like this have happened in the US and it won’t be the last.

Revulsion is not near enough to what I feel when I hear of things like this. The last one I heard was the intellectually disabled prisoner who left his last meal in his cell  so’s he could eat it “after my execution:”

Now, in “the good ol’ US” there is much debate now about how to execute a prisoner “properly”!

There’s talk of firing squads, no less.


Many of us could not understand how the Nazis could dream up and put into practice such a cold hard , inhuman policy of execution of all those Jewish people in WW2.

Now we know. They simply gave the task to a bureaucracy.

A bureaucracy has no values, no ideals and no morals. It’s sole job is to do what it was set up to do.

If it’s executing people, then after appropriate discussion and experimentation, it will be done.

Just ask the Americans.

I’ve been actively opposed to capital punishment since the hanging of Ronald Ryan in 1967.  Every now and then forces of darkness want to reimpose it here in Australia.

Hopefully ghoulish debacles such as this in the “Good ol’ US” will keep them silent for quite a while.

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