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Another day, another live animal export trade tragedy.

This time we learn an incredible four months or 120 plus days later that in August, that’s right, last August over 4,000 sheep died of heat exhaustion whilst being shipped to Qatar by Live Shipping Service.

Those poor creatures were on a 21days cruise to Hell and the heat got too much for them. My God, I imagine those mincers that their bodies would have been thrown into before being spat into the sea must have been working hard to get rid of the evidence, mustn’t they?

Now, this Live Shipping Service lot have form. They are already under investigation by Federal Authorities for two breaches of live export regulations in Jordan and Gaza. And yet they are still allowed to operate! I just do not get it! How can they get away with it? To my mind many of these Live Export types should be in Gaol for what they have done and are allowing to be done  to these poor voiceless defenceless animals!

Why aren’t they? If this happened to our pet cats and dogs we’d be screaming for justice to be done and Premiers and Prime Ministers would be on the TV News claiming all the glory. But now, Nothing! Silence!

Shame on all of them! It’s all for money. All values, decency, compassion, caring, out the door…Bring in the Dollars!

There is a thing called Karma, you know. Someday the inherent evil of this trade will come around and hit us and them all in the face.

It’s up to us to convince those money hungry politicians and exporters that we won’t put up with this anymore.

Let ‘em know now, Contact them and register your displeasure. Most of Australia is against this evil trade. Let them know where YOU stand.

Really, it all depends on you.

Let the Australian Government know NOW.

Why? Because, last weekend in the searing 44 degree heat more sacrificial lambs were being loaded into the bowels of that very same death ship

. That’s why!

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